Sultana wants to know whether she is related to JJ: Sultana Updates on Monday 20Th March 2023 Full Episode Part 1 and 2


After Friday’s episode, we expect to have drama in the next episode when Sultana finds out that JJ’s mother grave is the same grave she has been visiting knowing that her mother was burried there. As you will notice in the video, it will turn out that, the two, JJ and Sultana will claim the same grave as the one where their mothers were burried. I disbelief JJ will question Sultana if she is sure that she is not mistaken to identify the grave trying to blame her blindness. However, Sultana makes it clear that it is the same grave and she knows it better than anyone else and insists she knows even the number of the trees in that cemetry.

She confronts Salama about the issues and as a norm, Salama goes ahead to lie to her saying that the cemetry has graves that are more than 20 years old and some have been eroded making it dificullt for people to identify their graves. Sultana does not agree with her and she tells her the most confusing thing is that she says, her(Sultana) and JJ were born on the same night.This becomes a dilema to Salama

On the other side, Fatima is giving a plan to Meja on how to deal with Sada but Meja has other thoughts and Fatima is not happy. Fatima she wants they use Asya to poison Sada but Meja does not buy her idea. Meja and Fatima also learns that Ua is not mad and she questions Meja why has he been blackmailed by Fatima who even calls herself second wife?

Just have have a look in these two episode parts for more infomation

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