Do not Talk to “Anyone” in Nairobi CBD

You’ve probably heard some bizarre stories of people being conned, being led into traps, and losing their possessions or money to people who appear to be deploying charms to steal from them, and I have no doubt that you’ve heard some of these stories. For some people, they have been victims, and the tales they tell about the terrible things that have happened to them are always beyond belief. Recently, a woman related the incident of how, while in Nairobi, she knowingly and gladly surrendered her purse and phone to a person she had never met before.

In her narrative, she describes how she was approached by a man she refers to as “an old mzee” to assist him in scratching an airtime card. While she did so for him, she says, she lost all of her senses, and the two of them began to wander about the town together. After that, the mysterious person continued asking her for her phone and handbag, and she voluntarily handed them both to him. She claims that while she was giving away her belongings, she had the feeling that she should not be doing so but that there was nothing she could do about it.

She eventually came to her senses when the man walked away, and she began following up on what had transpired in the aftermath of the event. Watch the video clip below to hear her side of the story.

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