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welcome back my loyal subscriber and today I got you the good tiding that I usually deliver. Today’s Sultana episode ushered us well into tomorrow’s Sultana episode drama. Before I share na overview of what will happen on Sultana tomorrow’s episode, I would like to thank you, my reader, because without you I could made it to the far I have reached. You are my boss and I value you. Continue interacting with my content and always remember to leave a comment. Shukran sana for your support.

Looking into the events of the tomorrows episode on Friday 31St March, we witness that the it gets worst for Fatima as Sada spills the beans how he followed her and found that she tried to kill Buya again after the first failed attempt. Fatima feels Sada shared more valuable information to the officers and now she is at risk. She blames Meja for this, how? That is what Meja cannot comprehend also.

Sada gets break news that Mufti died last night nad he is about to be burried in the aftersoon. She collapse and faints following these news. She says all these are connected from her attempted suicide, the loss of the Will and the death of Mufti. She is confidence that Meja and Fatima are involved in one way or the other. These are devastating news and she is helpless with no plan B on how to come back into the game. Meja expresses his deep condolences for the loss of Family lawyer but Sada confronts him to saying he should go and plan with Fatima on whom to kill next.

Buya wants to get back into the game and be able to defend himself. He seems to solid plan on how to better his current situation for he feels to be vulnerable to attacks just as Fatima attacked him and he could not help himself. Dida suspects his father and starts to believe her mother who once told him Buya is likely to be involved in illegal business. This becomess a crossroad for Dida. Maria will get suspicious with Dida who seems to have fallen into traps of her mother. For more information and drama watch the video below.

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