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It is another day to get you updated on what matters to you. On Monday the drama continues and the following are the major occurence of the show. Buya meets his “helper” a lady who he use to supervise on while he was a chief contractor. The lady asks he she hopes he has seen the new apartment and it is good for him or he needs another one and he says so long she is just helping him, he would be ungrateful to ask for more. The lady jokes about Buya’s current situation asking whether what she is seeing is what Fatima left. Buya is there looking for a job and the Lady informs him he can start anytime but he needs to sort the bigger problem, Fatima.

Meja urges Sada to believe in him that he has changed and now is a good man. He claims he was not involved in anyway to the death of their lawyer, Mufti. Sada dismisses his claims and still believes he is guilty and he is just clearing the air to hide evidence. Sada urges Jabali Junior and Ua to unite to help Major Jabali from Fatima. She claims if the leave Major Jabali alone in that house with only Fatima, they will only return to burry him and Fatima will inherite everything. She suggests that, afterall, the the property and wealth that Major Jabali holds now will benefit them if they fight Fatima. JJ cuts himself from that deal but Ua supports Sada.

Dida engages Kaka into uncomfortable conversation concerning his plans with Mila. Kaka states that currently he is confused and has nothing to say about Mila. He is clear that at the moment, the only thing in his mind is to find a roof over his head and food but not love. Dida wants a clear answer because she also needs to make up her mind.

Sultana she is still wandering in the city and she is lost on finding which path leads to the beach. She meets with a stranger but he cannot help because Sultana cannaot describe well where she is headed to. Will she find JJ? For more information and enjoyement, watch the full episode below. It is my hope you will like it. Do not forget to like.

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