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Welcome back and today I’m happy to let you know what will happen in tomorrow’s Sultana Citizen Tv episodes. Sultana is still lost in the city and she bumps into two ladies almost causing them to break their phones. Sultana them to help her find her Boyfriend, JJ but unfortunately JJ’s phone is off. Asya informs Salama she needs not to worry as Sultana being Meja’s daughter is no longer a secret but Salama is not ready for that. She is in the streets looking for Sultana.

Sada feel that she needs a plan B because she thinks Ua is betraying her and shebis dining with Major Jabali. Ua states that Jabali Junior is not to be trusted because nowadays he is confused and doesn’t know what she needs. Dida and Kaka will have conversation about her parents and Kaka assures her that her Dad is the best dad despite his differences with her Fatima. Kaka will receive a call from Mila requesting him that he forgives her for she was misled. Kaka tells her it is already over. Mila regrets her decision to listen to Dida. Kaka lies about the call to Dida stating that it is about a job that he was hoping to get.

Jabali Junior will take his phone for repair. Salama is worried about Sultana and now she fears Sultana to commit suicide. While she is the thoughts, the ladies that bumped into them passes by anf they direct her to the way which Sultana was heading to. Sada confronts Ua about her plans but Ua insists she was talking about Sultana to Meja. Salama calls Sada but they cannot have a clear reception. Ua is very uncomfortable with the current situation of unknown whereabouts of Sultana and thinks she is in danger.

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