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Major Jabali will face Fatima and warn her that if she issues an order, it must be followed, and she will be asked to get away her guest from his home. Fatima is not ready to obey the Major’s command. Mwanzele will recount how Fatima poisoned his food and then tied him up. Mwanzele would demand that if he is granted permission, Fatima will face his wrath because he will teach her a lesson. Asya would tell him not to worry because Major Jabali is currently dealing with Fatima. Mwanzele is likewise dissatisfied with how he and Kaka have been separated .

Fatima cautions Major that if she don’t actualize her plans as she desires the she would not be granted him the inheritance will. Fatima blackmails Major and shows him that now she is the one who has the final say. Dida will be informed by Maria that Sultana has been in an accident and she will return home immediately to confirm the story.

Mwanzele will confront the wedding planners. Fatima will appear and slap him. Major Jabali cannot defend Mwanzele, and Fatima insists that everything will go as planned. Salama is worried from becoming childless. He informs Babu of this and assures him that he is on his way and that they will talk about it. Major instructs Fatima to make a call to her people that have the inheritance will. And Fatima tells the person responsible that he will have to produce the inheritance will the morning after the wedding. Major Jabali will direct the person on call to deliver it tomorrow at six o’clock. On the other end, Ua will also be in the hospital, and he will be pleading with Sultana to wake up because she cannot live without her. Sultana’s appetite will be satisfied.

JJ will arrive at the hospital only to find Sada and Ua crying and will then walk inside to see what’s wrong.Kaka, Maria, and Dida will also arrive at the hospital. Fatima tries to persuade Major Jabali that Sultana is pointless, but Major Jabali insists that what matters now is Sultana and the inheritance will. Mila would come to home frail after reconciling with Dida. She will regret how much she liked Kaka but has now betrayed him. He will declare that she no longer believes in love and that she does not know if she will ever love again. Fatima will not resist the temptation to invite her friends to the wedding.

Mwanzele claims that Fatima used a slur on the Major because of how she is controlling Major Jabali, which is not typical. Asya will suggest something is amiss…. JJ will be get out of the ward, but there is no good news. Nobody knows what’s going on. We’ll find out more tomorrow.

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