Sada kazuiliwa kutawanya harusi ya Meja na Fatima (SULTANA CITIZEN TV ON MONDAY 17TH APRIL 2023 BOTH PART 1 AND 2 COMBINED)

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Hello good people, it’s another day to get you informed on what will happen on Monday of 17 Th april in the Sultana Citizen Tv show. The major activity that will take the order of the show is the weddings. Meja and Fatima will be tying knots but Meja ain’t that comfortable. The weeding might not end well. As Sada tries to get the attention of the attendees, to distract them and force them leave, bouncers come and take her away. This is bad for Sada.

Ua gets to the hospital to check on Sultana and has an idea to request Sultana to be discharged. She claims Sultana’s life is in danger and wants to take her to safety. Salama gets to the hospital, she wears Sultana a necklace that belonged to Ua 20 years ago. Ua gets shocked to see the necklace and Ua confirms her claims that the necklace is the one that belonged to her. For more details watch the video below.

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